Chair of Environmental Physicochemical Science / Associate Professor

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Doctor of Science (Kyoto University, 2003)
Analytical Chemistry, Marine Geochemistry
Titles of Main Research Projects
Development of Methods for Chemical Analyses of Trace Elements and Their Isotopes in the Ocean
Study on the Global Marine Geochemical Cycling of Anthropogenic Trace Elements and Isotopes
Development of Steady-Flow Siphon Pumps and Their Applications
Keywords of the Research Projects
Ocean, Bismuth (Bi), Lead (Pb), Trace Elements, Isotopes, Marine Biogeochemical Cycles, GEOTRACES
Teaching Subjects
(Undergraduate); Skill Learning for Environmental Sciences, Introduction to Science of Natural Environment C, Environmental Geochemistry
(Graduate School); Environmental Ocean Chemistry
Modern earth encounters several environmental problems including global warming, acidification, environmental pollution by human activities. Research and education on the field of marine geochemistry and chemical oceanography are essential to understand how the ocean responded to the environmental changes in the past, is doing now or will be in the future. My research interest covers development of methods for the analysis or determination of trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the ocean and clarifying their marine biogeochemical cycles. Through my research life, I hope to explore the significance of the results that is useful to understand underlying mechanisms that are relevant to the global changes.
The Chemical Society of Japan, Theb Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, The Geochemical Society of Japan, The Oceanographic Society of Japan, American Geophysical Union, The Geochemical Society
Selected Publications
  1. "Determination of bismuth in open ocean waters by inductively coupled plasma sector-field mass spectrometry after chelating resin column preconcentration." Norisuye, K., Sohrin, Y., Analytica Chimica Acta 727, 71-77, (2012)
  2. "The molybdenum isotopic composition of the modern ocean." Nakagawa, Y., Takano, S., Firdaus, M.L., Norisuye, K., Hirata, T., Vance, D., Sohrin, Y., Geochemical Journal 46, 131-141, (2012)
  3. "Stoichiometry among bioactive trace metals in seawater on the Bering Sea shelf." Cid, A.P., Urushihara, S., Minami, T., Norisuye, K., Sohrin, Y., Journal of Oceanography 67, 747-764 (2011)
  4. "Strong elemental fractionation of Zr-Hf and Nb-Ta across the Pacific Ocean." Firdaus, M.L., Minami, T., Norisuye, K., Sohrin, Y., Nature Geoscience 4, 227-230 (2011)
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