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Department of Biology

Introduction to Department of Biology

-- Tackling the Mysteries of the Living World --

Judging from many of the books we have at our disposal, it would seem that almost all questions concerning living things have already been answered in full. However, this is not actually the case. For example, mysteries such as how the dorso-ventral axis is determined when animals develop or how plants grow in response to light remain unclear even now.
In addition to that on these two mysteries, other research is being undertaken at the Department of Biology, including that on how various substances within plant and animal cells are created and function in set locations, how cells with special functions differentiate, and how various kinds of cells function in concert in individual specimens.
Covering biomolecular aspects such as genes, proteins and carbohydrate chains, as well as cell structures and functions, and biological development/morphogenesis, the curriculum our department provides enrolled students with is one that enables an understanding of biology from a broad perspective and without bias towards either plants or animals.
Within the Faculty of Science, the Department of Biology is not very large; however, as such there is a strong rapport between teaching staff and students, and this connection helps the progress of 4th-year research tasks, the results of which are published upon graduation.

Guidance for freshers

Observation of pollen tube growth

Electrophoresis of DNA and RNA

Bachelor’s thesis study

Bachelor’s thesis presentation

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