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Message from the Dean

Mitsugu Maeno

The Faculty of Science and the Sado Marine Biological Station (an attached facility) in Niigata University are proud of being the largest faculty among the universities located along the Sea of Japan. The Faculty of Science provides with 7 educational programs; Mathematics program, Physics program, Chemistry program, Biology program, Geology program and Environmental science program, and Program of field research in the environmental sciences. More than 90 professors are teaching in the undergraduate and graduate courses, and conducting researches with many world-leading outcomes. Our graduates, including those (about 50~60% of total) proceeding to the Graduate School of Science and Technology, play active roles in various fields of the society, for instance, as engineers in private companies, as mathematics and science teachers in high schools and junior high schools, and as researchers/scholars of basic sciences in universities and laboratories.

Science and technology have developed so rapidly during the last century at a speed that human being never experienced. In such an era, fundamental science is a powerful force to drive the progress of applied sciences, e.g. engineering, medicine and agriculture, since the way of thinking in the fundamental science can be applicable to a wide range of practical fields. Therefore, the graduates of the Faculty of Science are expected to be not only schoolteachers and researchers of universities, but also engineers and researchers in the industries, the companies, as well as the government agencies.

In order to respond to the demands from the society, The Faculty of Science has renewed the educational program and increased student capacity to 200/year (+10 students) in April 2017. Six departments have been united to one department to strengthen the common educational program that is necessary for the graduates as a scientific expert. The new curriculum enables the students to acquire the knowledge and skills of one specialized field as well as to obtain the ability to perform in the new developing field of cross-disciplines. Our curriculum corresponds to the various demands of the students and brings them up to the graduates who are contributing much to the society.

Finally, the graduate students can further study in the specialized fields in The Graduate School of Science and Technology in Niigata University. Although remarkable progress has been made in every scientific field in recent decades, many scientific issues still remain to be unsolved. We hope a lot of young people enter The Faculty of Science and The Graduate School of Science and Technology to challenge in disclosing secretes in nature.

Mitsugu Maeno