Program Schedule

Detailed conference schedule
Biology / Chemistry / Earth Science / Mathematics / Physics

October 12

8:00Start from hotel
9:00Registration at Niigata University Ikarashi Campus.
9:30Opening ceremony
10:00-12:00 Parallel sessions:
1) Biology
2) Chemistry
3) Earth Science
4) Mathematics
5) Physics
13:00-15:00Parallel sessions
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-17:30Parallel sessions
18:00-20:00Welcome party (University cafeteria)


October 13

9:30Parallel sessions
10:30Poster session
14:00Plenary session


October 14: Excursions

We are going to visit Sado Island for on-site inspection tours. In the morning of Oct.14, shuttle buses from each hotel to Niigata port (Sado-kisen) are available to use. Then, we will go Sado Island by a car ferry, which departs from Niigata port at 09:25 and arrives Ryotsu port at 11:55. Then we will divide into the following three groups but all buses will visit several places along almost the same itinerary including Japanese Crested ibis forest park, Sado gold mine, Senkaku bay and vicinity.

Group A:
One-day tour to Sado Island
Group B:
Two-day tour to Sado Island
Group C:
Three-day tour to Sado Island as Geological Survey