International Exchange

International Exchange with Emphasis on Education

Since the first sister university agreement in 1997 with the Iligan Institute of Technology, Mindanao State University, Philippines, the Faculty of Science of Niigata University has endeavored to make faculty level agreements with overseas universities to promote cooperation in research and education. The number of our sister universities now reaches to 22 (as of December 1, 2014), as shown in the list below. To stimulate student exchanges, we have also concluded student exchange agreements with many of those sisiter universities.

International Exchange Between Faculties

World Map

  Country University Faculty Date made
1 Republic of the Philippines Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology College of Science and Mathematics 1997.03.04
2 Republic of Indonesia Institut Teknologi Bandung Faculty of Mineral Technology 1997.08.23
3 People's Republic of China China University of Geosciences, Beijing   2000.02.01
4 United States of America Louisiana State University College of Basic Sciences 2000.02.28
5 People's Republic of China China University of Geosciences, Wuhan   2000.04.04
6 Hungary University of Debrecen and Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences   2000.10.05
7 Taiwan Chung-Yuan Christian University College of Science 2005.07.12
8 Arab Republic of Egypt Cairo University Faculty of Sciences 2005.08.31
9 Republic of Austria Johannes Kepler University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences 2005.12.03
10 Republic of Korea Pukyong National University College of Natural Sciences 2009.12.03
11 Taiwan National Changhua University of Education College of Science 2009.12.18
12 Taiwan National Sun Yat-sen University College of Science 2009.12.18
13 People's Republic of China Peking University School of Physics 2010.03.22
14 Taiwan National Cheng Kung University College of Science 2011.07.07
15 Taiwan National Taiwan Normal University College of Science 2011.12.16
16 People's Republic of China Northeastern University College of Science 2012.02.03
17 Republic of Korea Pukyong National University College of Environmental and Marine Science and Technology 2013.01.11
18 Taiwan National Tsing Hua University College of Science 2013.06.21
19 Republic of Korea Pukyong National University College of Fisheries Sciences 2013.12.20
20 Taiwan National Kaohsiung Normal University College of Science 2016.03.08
21 People's Republic of China University of Science and Technology of China School of Mathematical Sciences 2016.04.30
22 Kingdom of Thailand Naresuan University Faculty of Science 2017.01.17
23 Malaysia Monash University Malaysia Brain Research Institute and Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences 2017.04.25
24 India Cochin University of Science and Technology   2017.11.17
25 People's Republic of China Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences   2018.03.06
26 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Hanoi National University of Education Faculty of Biology 2018.07.06
27 Taiwan Feng Chia University College of Engineering and Science 2020.06.17
28 People's Republic of Bangladesh Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Faculty of Fisheries 2022.04.21

Number of Foreign Students

Fiscal Year Total Breakdown
2000 3 China:2, Malaysia:1
2001 2 Brazil:1, Malaysia:1
2002 3 Brazil:1, China:1, Malaysia:1
2003 4 Brazil:1, China:1, Malaysia:1, Swiss:1
2004 2 Brazil:1, Swiss:1
2005 3 Korea:2, Swiss:1
2006 8 Austria:2, Korea:4, Swiss:1, Taiwan:1
2007 6 Korea:5, Taiwan:1
2008 9 Korea:6, Taiwan:3
2009 6 Austria:2, Korea:4
2010 4 Korea:4
2011 4 China:1, Korea:3
2012 4 China:1, Korea:3
2013 3 China:1, Korea:2
2014 4 China:2, Korea:1, Taiwan:1
2015 3 Korea:1, Taiwan:2
2016 4 Taiwan:4
2017 8 China:1, Taiwan:6, Thailand:1
2018 8 China:2, Morocco:1, Taiwan:4, Thailand:1
2019 9 China:2, Namibia:1, Pakistan:1, Taiwan:4, Thailand:1
2020 2 China:1, Thailand:1
2021 4 China:2, Mauritius:1, Mozambique:1
2022 7 China:5, Democratic Republic of the Congo:1, Nigeria:1
2023 32 Australia:12, China:6, Democratic Republic of the Congo:1, India:10, Senegal:1, Taiwan:1, Vanuatu:1