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Welcome to Sado Marine Biological Station (SMBS)

Sado Marine Biological Station (SMBS), Faculty of Science, Niigata University is located on the northwestern shore of Sado Island, Japan. Sado Island is 50 km far from Niigata City and it takes 2 hours 30 minutes by car ferry or 65 minutes by jetfoil. The station is ideally situated for marine biological teaching and research within easy reach of a variety of marine habitats, such as rocky and sandy shores.

There are 3 field stations (Field Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture; Center for Toki and Ecological Restoration; and SMBS) of Niigata University in Sado Island and we are promoting biological research and education in cooperation with the two stations. Also, we are promoting a joint usage for education of marine biology with other universities. Current research programs include work on reproductive endocrinology, neuroendocrinology and behavioral ecology.

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