Learn-By-Doing Program for Advanced Theory and Application on Mathematical Optimization (MathOpt2020)

We postpone MathOpt2020 as a Sakura Science Program to August as a joint event to ICNS-AICS2020 held in Niigata:


Science building of Niigata University, Japan


February 16-23, 2020


Date Content Place
Feb 17 (Mon) Opening ceremony, Guidance, and City bus tour Science Build. 3F
Feb 18 (Tue) - 19 (Wed) Lecture, Presentation, and Welcome party Science Build. 5F
Feb 20 (Thu) International Symposium Library Hall
Feb 21 (Fri) - 22 (Sat) Bus tour (Factory tour and Ski) Kimono Emakikan
New Greenpia Tsunan

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MathOpt access

MathOpt access

JR East Pass (Domestic sale JPY18,000, Oversea sale JPY17,000 per one person)

Flexible five-day pass (any five days within 14 day period starting with the date of purchase or exchange in Japan).
From Narita airport to Niigata station, the cost is almost JPY12,000 and then this pass is very cheap. Participants can visit other places during their stay in Japan by using this special discount ticket.

Hotel information

Hotel Terminal Art-Inn (ホテル ターミナル アートイン)
Tel: 025-246-7111, Fax: 025-246-7118
〒950-0911 新潟県新潟市中央区笹口1丁目15-1
MathOpt access

Transportation between the hotel and the campus will be arranged by a small bus of Hotel Terminal Art-Inn. From the hotel, you can take a bus around 8:00am at the entrance and you can return to the hotel in the same way in the late afternoon.