One Department, Seven Programs



Seven MajorPrograms

Mathematics Program

Mathematics firmly supports the science of the 21st century.

Mathematics is an indispensable language to describe every phenomenon. Let's see phenomena described by mathematics.

Physics Program

Find a joy, deep in nature.

Professor Shin-Itiro Tomonaga (awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965) stated in his book that Physics is a science searching for law of nature hidden in various phenomena around us based on observational evidence.

Chemistry Program

21st-century dreams through chemistry.

We promote material science that is based on green and sustainable chemistry. Chemistry is applicable to a broad range of phenomena, from intercellular communication to cosmic nucleosynthesis.

Biology Program

Taking on the challenge of the mysteries of the world of living organisms.

In the Biology Program, students can learn a broad range of biology, from the fundamentals to the cutting edge. It is the perfect place for students who are motivated to solve the mysteries of the world of living organisms themselves.

Geology Program

The ultimate frontier of exploring the Earth!

The study of Earth (Geology) starts with hiking around mountains and valleys to find outcrops of rocks. Let's enjoy studying in the field and learn about the secrets hidden in the rocks you find in a forest.

Program of Environmental Science

Understand the natural environment from multiple perspectives!

Acquire basic academic ability in science, and develop the ability to observe the natural environment from multiple perspectives through lectures and experiments related to earth science, environmental biology, and materials chemistry, as well as field work!

Program of Field Research in the Environmental Sciences

Learning and Implementing Field Science

Go into the field, look, touch, investigate, and gain the ability to take action in response to outdoor issues!